XCompass Intelligence’ AI technologies support Renesas’ “Autonomous M2M”

XCompass Intelligence Ltd. (CEO: Akira Sato, headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “XCI”) is cooperating with Renesas Electronics (CEO: Takao Endo, hereinafter “Renesas”) by providing AI information processing technologies to various solutions contributing to realization of “Autonomous M2M” that dramatically enhances factory productivity.

As its first step, Renesas has completed solution development of R-IN platform(*) embedded with XCI artificial intelligence. Renesas experimentally installed chips with XCI AI at Renesas’ Naka facility in Hitachinaka, Ibaragi Prefecture. As a result, we gained good prospect in real time anomaly detection by communication device (hereinafter “edge device”) located at the end of industrial networks including production equipment and industrial machinery.

Combining the experiences and expertise advanced through numerous pilot projects and research and developments of its own and Renesas’ know-how of edge devices, XCI developed an optimal artificial intelligence engine that analyzes data output from edge devices on real-time basis. Incorporating AI into R-IN engine with high performance in real time information processing will become powerful solution for upgrading productivity in wide range manufacturing. This technology will be demonstrated at System Control Fare December 2-4, 2015 at Tokyo Big Sight.

XCI has been constructing Artificial Intelligence platform named “Intelligence eXchange” where anybody can create trained neural networks and distribute them. By partnering with key companies with expertise in various industries and building optimal IX for each industrial domain, XCI will achieve competitive advances in the usage of big data and artificial intelligence in businesses. Additionally, XCI will contribute to the betterment of industries as a whole through smooth cross-industry exchanges of knowledge and know how, using trained neural networks.
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(*)R-IN platform is a platform provided by Renesas for industrial areas (industrial machinery and industrial networks)

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