The Last Resort of A.I introduction

XCompass, which has been developing machine learning since pre-deeplearning, offers flexible solutions that meet the customer’s challenges based on experts in each industry and enriched implementation experience. Our strength is the ability to propose customer ideas to business value and technology strength to shape it.

Top class introduction count

We have enormous know-how accumulated from abundant implementation experience and research and development, our company’s solution can be built in a short time and we are proud of its high effectiveness.

Highest level of technical strength

In addition to daily research and development, we will conduct a paper survey for each case you consulted, so we guarantee that our solutions are state-of-the-art worldwide.

High customer satisfaction

We’re satisfied with the client and constantly keeping in touch with almost 100% of clients. This is the pride of XCompass.

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case study

Machining process abnormality detection machine vibration analysis machine abnormal sound detection
Process device Predictive maintenance image recognition behavior prediction
Design generation optimum process prediction robot reinforcement learning
Video recognition Speech recognition Natural language processing

Others are also available for handling, so please do not hesitate to contact us.