Manufacturing-IX (M-IX)

IDE for manufacturing industry that can easily generate A.I

Even for the first time, it is an IDE that can easily implement artificial intelligence (A.I) for manufacturing industry. Using deep learning and neural network, abnormality detection and predictive maintenance can be realized with high performance.

Covers a wide range of development processes of A.I

Utilizing the experience and know-how of artificial intelligence development, covering from preprocessing of learning data to generation of optimum neural network, determination of discriminant formula, and post-processing for operation.

It corresponds to various detection data

Scheduled to correspond to development of artificial intelligence for abnormality detection / prediction maintenance corresponding to a wide range of manufacturing scene from data which changes in time series such as current, voltage, temperature etc. to data of vibration, image, sound and motion.

Difference between conventional method and abnormality judgment result by A.I

Outline of generation mechanism of A.I module and image at operation

Easy and easy-to-understand user interface


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