XCompass Ltd.

Democratization of “Knowledge” that we aim for

Artificial intelligence is the next generation core technology. I believe that it is important for a single company not to monopolize but to share it as an asset shared by humankind and develop with thought of coexistence and co-prosperity. XCompass, Co. Ltd aims to “democratize knowledge” by utilizing cutting-edge technology, solving customer problems of yourself, and developing collaborative platform of artificial intelligence.

Knowledge of artificial intelligence since pre-deep-learning

We have been engaged in developing artificial intelligence before deep learning. We operate two businesses.
One is a co-creation platform of artificial intelligence. This is a platform that allows you to handle artificial intelligence easily, enables data provision and development participation. From the definition of solutions with artificial intelligence, processings in each phas, learning optimization, and output to various devices. It is the next generation weapon that can easily handle artificial intelligence.
The second one is consulting service. Based on know-how from abundant implementation experience of various industries including manufacturing, robotics, medical chemistry, security, we provide flexible solutions according to customer’s problem, these are high evaluation from clients.